Events are moving quickly. As a small business, we are doing everything in our power to stay operational while keeping staff and customer safe.

At the date of this writing (June 2020), our dining room is partially open. We have a few tables inside as well as two outdoor tables. Our hours are normal and takeout is encouraged. We welcome you to call when you arrive and we will run your order out to your car. This alleviates the burden on our staff to continuously disinfect.

Here are a few procedures we are currently adhering to:

  • Table spacing.
  • Encouraging social distancing among guests.
  • Hard surfaces, tables, chairs, condiments, and touch points will be sanitized regularly.
  • Employees are to remain at home if they feel in any way generally unwell.
  • Signage posting reminding people to practice safe behavior.

Restaurants have always been measured by their cleanliness and safety in relation to food handling. We are no stranger to taking steps to keep our customers safe.

The extra steps we are taking, paired with the important steps we ask our visitors to take will help ensure that our restaurant can stay open to serve the community for the foreseeable future.

Thank you for your continued support of all of us – it is appreciated more than you know.